All I Wanna Do is Find a Way Back to Sunnah

Does the title sound familiar? Yes, if you are a music or movie lover, you're gonna find it easy to remember the OST (Original Sound Track) of "Music and Lyrics" movie, starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant, the song is All I Wanna Do is Find a Way Back into Love. But no, I'm not gonna talk about music or movies. I'm gonna talk about something deeper and something that matters in this life. When I looked in the mirror, I kept wondering, did the person in front of me remain the same, or getting better, or even getting worse, day by day? Did I still become the one who scared and worried, even her heart would skip a beat when she missed one prayer because of overslept? I know exactly the answer, yes, I am not the same little girl. I feel my heart now is black, full of sin. I want to purrified my heart. It will affect my mind, my behaviour, my attitude, and my habbit. I wanna have those heart, mind, behaviour, and attitude of people living in Jannah (Paradise). I
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